5 tips for choosing work lights for tractors and industrial equipment

Work lights are just what the name suggests. They are lights designed to illuminate an area to allow better vision while working. When choosing work lights for agricultural or industrial applications, take time to make sure you’re making the best choice. You want the best performance and service life possible. Being a selective shopper will give you the best value for your money.

5 tips for choosing work lights for tractors and industrial equipment

#1 Choose LED technology
LED lights are rapidly replacing older technologies like halogen. It’s easy to see why because LED lights deliver superior service in many ways, including brightness, longevity and more efficient power usage. It makes sense to narrow your search for lights strictly to LED technology.

#2 Compare lumens
Packaging for lights usually lists information about watts, voltage and lumens, but the most important thing is lumens when determining brightness. For an apples-to-apples comparison of brightness, you should consider the lumens rating. Lighting manufacturers used to talk a lot about wattage, but wattage is really the amount of electrical energy that is used, not the brightness of the bulb.

#3 Consider the light pattern
Do you need to illuminate a wide area or focus in a more specific location? That’s the question you need to ask when choosing between flood lights that disperse light broadly or spotlights with a more concentrated beam. Some lights offer a dual flood/spot pattern that offers versatility.

#4 Select for long service life
You don’t want to be pennywise and pound foolish when choosing replacement lights for tractors and industrial machinery. Bargain lights may simply require earlier replacement. The best LED lights nowadays can last up to 50,000 hours and are made with quality materials like stainless-steel hardware and mounting brackets that resist corrosion.

#5 Choose lights backed by a warranty
Quality work lights will be backed with a solid warranty. A 1-year warranty is a good standard for a consumer to judge lights. Having a full year to evaluate the lights for performance and durability gives you a good idea about their quality.

Making a wise choice about work lights
Researching which work lights to buy will pay off when replacing the lights on agricultural or industrial equipment. With the quality lights, you’ll see better with high-intensity brightness and replace lights less often with long service lives. Being an informed consumer really pays when it comes to work lights.

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