What to consider when replacing ATV and UTV lights

When it’s time to replace lights on your ATV or UTV, you want to make the right choice about the lights you buy. Not every light will meet the unique needs of an ATV or UTV. You need lights that deliver on all counts to get the best performing and longest lasting lights.

5 things to consider when buying replacement ATV/UTV lights

1) Brightness: When you’re riding on rugged trails, you want the best view possible to see what’s ahead. That’s why you need the exceptional brightness of LED lights that illuminate farther and wider than older technologies like halogen and incandescent. LEDs are the preferred lighting choice for riding in rugged areas where brightness is a necessity, not a luxury.

2) Rugged construction. Lights on ATVs and UTVs experience a lot of punishing treatment due to a rough environment. They must handle vibration from bounces on rough terrain, impact from rocks and branches encountered on the trail and exposure to plenty of rain, snow, sleet or whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Tiger Lights offers a special line of lights called the Mojave Series, which are made for rugged off-road conditions. Mojave Series lights have a lens that is twice as thick as traditional lights, providing protection against gravel that might get kicked up.

3) Long service life: LED lights significantly beat halogen lights for service life. That’s important for ATV and UTV riders because it means fewer times being caught on the trail with a burned-out light. The life expectancy of a halogen bulb is between 1,000 to 2,500 hours. LED lights, on the other hand, can last between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Of course, actual service life will vary depending on usage and environment.

4) Less electrical draw. When riding in remote areas, the last thing you want is a weak or dead battery. LED lights help out in that regard, too, because they draw less electrical power, reducing strain on the battery and alternator. The reduced electrical draw means you’re less likely to find yourself stranded due to a stressed electrical system.

5) Easy installation: Chances are you like riding, not installing new equipment. Look for lights that offer a plug and play installation design. That way the installation will go quickly and easily, with less chance for error.

Best Lights for ATVs and UTVs

You don’t have to compromise when choosing new replacement lights for your ATV or UTV. You can get the best performance on all counts with one single type of light. LED lights will shine brighter, last longer and work better than any other lighting system. It’s time to install LED lights and hit the trail.


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