LED warning lights for farm, industrial and off-road vehicles

LED lights for agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and off-road vehicles have gained a lot of attention in recent years. The exceptional brightness of LED lights makes it easier for drivers to see what’s up ahead, but the same technology can be used to let others see you better, too. When the super-brightness of LED light technology is applied to warning lights, flashing lights and warning beacon lights, other people will notice you sooner, which enhances safety for all.

Important characteristics for warning, flashing and beacon lights

Warning lights come with various functions. It’s important to understand the options you have when selecting warning lights. Knowing what to look for helps direct you to the best choice for your specific needs. Here are common features and functions for many warning lights.

Light patterns: Some lights come with multiple light pattern options. That gives you a choice of how dramatic you want the light to flash based on the need to alert people to your presence.

360 degree pattern: Many warnings lights emit light on all sides so that people can see you from any direction. This feature can be helpful if you’re stranded on a road, working on a construction site or plowing in a field. It’s also helpful if you’re taking your tractor onto roads at night moving from one field to another.

Color: Warning lights come in attention-getting colors like amber, red and blue. These bold colors signal that heightened awareness is necessary.

Mounting system: Most warning lights are permanently mounted in place, but some warning lights come with a magnetic base that allows temporary installation with the option to easily move the light.

Lighting technology: Lighting technology has come a long way since the days of incandescent bulbs. At one time, halogen was through to be a breakthrough lighting technology. LED lights have far surpassed halogen for producing significantly more lumens per watt of energy usage. For warning lights, LED is the clear choice because they do a better job of getting you noticed.

Choosing warning lights wisely for agricultural, industrial and off-road vehicles.

Warning lights, flashing lights and beacons are essential in many situations. From alerting other drivers to a stalled vehicle or signaling for help to working on a construction site, warning lights fill a need when conditions are the most serious. It’s vital to select wisely when choosing warning lights for your vehicles.

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