LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000
LED Combine Light, TL9000

LED Combine Light, TL9000

Part #: TL9000
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LUMENS 330% More Lumens Over

APPLICATIONS Over 14,000 Applications

LONGEVITY 50,000 Hours Longevity

WARRANTY Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Item Number: TL9000

Oversized Aluminum Heatsink, RFI and EMI Filters, Includes: Stainless Steel Hardware, Connector
Replaces OEM Part Numbers
John Deere: AH159332 , AH170565, AH128328, AH159333, AH128327
Miller: 21.21491, 21.22401

Product Specs

DescriptionLED Combine Light
Light PatternSpot/Flood
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Oversized aluminum heatsink, RFI and EMI filters
IncludesConnector and stainless steel hardware
Length [inch]4
Width [inch]6

Applications List

Select Make & Type
John DeereCombine9400
John DeereCombine9410
John DeereCombine9450
John DeereCombine9500
John DeereCombine9510
John DeereCombine9550
John DeereCombine9560
John DeereCombine9600
John DeereCombine9610
John DeereCombine9650
John DeereCombine9660
John DeereCombine9550SH
John DeereCombine9560 STS
John DeereCombine9560SH
John DeereCombine9570 STS
John DeereCombine9650 STS
John DeereCombine9660 CTS
John DeereCombine9660 STS
John DeereCombine9670 STS
John DeereCombine9750 STS
John DeereCombine9760 STS
John DeereCombine9770 STS
John DeereCombine9870 STS
John DeereCombineC670
John DeereCombineCTS
John DeereCombineS550
John DeereCombineS650
John DeereCombineS660
John DeereCombineS670
John DeereCombineS680
John DeereCombineS690
John DeereCombineSH9510
John DeereCombineT550
John DeereCombineT560
John DeereCombineT660
John DeereCombineT670
John DeereCombineW540
John DeereCombineW550
John DeereCombineW650
John DeereCombineW660
John DeereCotton Picker9986
John DeereCotton Picker9996
John DeereForage Harvester7700
John DeereForage Harvester7800
John DeereForage Harvester7950
John DeereWindrower4890
John DeereWindrower4895
John DeereWindrower4990
John DeereWindrower4995
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MillerSprayer200HT Nitro
MillerSprayer2200HT Nitro
MillerSprayer2200T Nitro
MillerSprayer2200TSS Nitro
MillerSprayer2275HT Nitro
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