Why better light at night is so important

Driving at night presents its own unique challenges. It’s simply harder to see because everything is masked under a veil of darkness. While good night vision is important for drivers of all vehicles, it’s especially important for drivers of certain vehicles due to the places they are used. Drivers of agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and off-road vehicles operate in some of the toughest environments where good night vision is essential. The new LED lights available for these vehicles provide the brightest and far-reaching light.

LED Lights for Agricultural, Industrial and Off-Road Vehicles

1) Agricultural lights: For the farming community, the workday often exceeds the number of daylight hours, especially during planting and harvesting seasons. But just because the sunshine ends, a farmer’s work must continue into the darkness of night. Now working after sunset is not new, but there is a new generation of tractor lights that make the job easier. LED lights illuminate a larger area out in the fields, so you can see more of what is around. With better lighting, you’ll see animals in the field, ruts in the ground and obstacles in the way.

2) Industrial machinery lights: LED lights give operators of heavy-duty construction equipment better vision on jobsites when working early mornings or late evenings when sunlight is dim. By casting light farther and wider, LED lights boost the confidence and ability of operators to do their jobs. It’s essential to have optimal viewing to enhance both productivity and safety on construction sites.

3) Off-road vehicle lights: Because of tough terrain, the need for bright illumination is significant for drivers of off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles encounter unpredictable conditions with rugged trails and obstructions in the pathway. The earlier you spot a boulder, log or animal on the trail, the sooner you can react to it to avoid a mishap. LED lights brighten a larger area so you can see what could pose a problem much sooner.

Just how much brighter are LED lights?

LED lights are known to be brighter than today’s commonly used halogen lights, but you might wonder just how much brighter? Let’s put some numbers to it. A 55-watt halogen bulb produces about 1,000 lumens and a 50-watt LED light produces about 6,900 lumens. For approximately the same number of watts, LED lights generate significantly more lumens. These numbers show the big difference that LED lights can deliver on light output. It’s why some people say that LED lights practically turn night into day.

Animal on trail at night